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Indoor plants 1:



Above: Stromanthe and  red Guzmania

Above: SpathiPhyllum

Dracaena deremensis

Dracaena fragrans

Above: Vriesia

Above: Ficus nitida


Above: Draceana golden coast

Areca palm

Dracaena deremensis



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The benefits of office plants


One of the most economical services available for offices, an indoor plant display contract has many benefits. The plant displays in the reception area give the impression that the corporation is flourishing.   Cutting back plants or removing them is a very visible indicator that turnover has reduced!  Staff morale increases when plants are introduced to an environment and staff sickness and absenteeism may actually be reduced.   The perceived and actual benefits of greenery in an office improve the feeling of well being and therefore increase productivity. Studies by NASA, the space agency has shown that certain plants improve the atmosphere and reduce toxins.